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Welcome to Owl Creek Ceramics
Now also selling from ETSY

Owl Creek Ceramics was started in 2003, by Dyna Rose Bailey and John Bailey in an effort to provide quality hand-made, hand decorated ceramics for consumers. All our pieces are either hand thrown on a wheel, slip cast using molds, or from bisque (most from Italy). We fire our green ware to cone 03 (1928 F) making bisque, and then fire our decorated pieces to cone 06 (1868 F). All items are food safe. Most pieces are dishwasher and microwave proof. Our main objective is to provide functional pieces with bright happy colors and designs. Dyna is the artist while John is typically the builder.  All pieces are individually decorated and signed by the artist. We primarily produce plates, bowls, platters, vases, accent pieces, ornaments, and crosses. We have examples of our work on some of the following pages. We now sell from an ETSY shop and we have links throughout our webpage to help navigate to our ETSY shop.


Our Studio


Pottery wears me out!! Should have known better than to get into that wet clay. Lucy, our studio sweetie!


Hi Friends,

We have finally moved to Temple TX and are in the process of shutting down our studio and selling major equipment. 

Check out Kilns for Sale & Wheel/Glass Kiln for sale!!! 

I will be posting more pictures of slipcasting equipment soon!! Sorry I'm slow but we

have been getting ready for our eatate sale to be held in Apr.!! 

Will post estate sale dates when they are firmed up. Lots of good stuff for sale!!

Dyna will still offer her products through her ESTY store and will begin decorationg again in the near future.

We appreciate all the business and friendships we have made over the past years!!! 






Checkout stand in action!!


Dyna's decorated patio!!!!


Studio afternoon nap time!!!!


Full Page Cookie Jar Layout in HGTV magazine Sept 2014 


Thank goodness for wide gates!!! Bus loads "Welcome"